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Success Stories

The Walk In Dental Centre

How a dynamic team optimised their practice with our Customer Success Program

For principal dentists and practice owners, Karen Sandhu and Parm Bains, providing the most dedicated and ethical service to patients is a top priority.

Karen and Parm had owned a private practice back in London. After emigrating to Australia and working for a number of dental practices, they finally made the leap and opened their own practice in Marangaroo.

What was their vision for The Walk-In Dental Centre? It was to offer a family-oriented and personal care for patients – particularly for those who are nervous about visiting the dentist.

The challenge: strategising the practice for future growth

Karen and Parm had high hopes for their new dental practice. But they faced two key challenges:

  • Maximising chair-time: With only 1 chair, The Walk-In Dental Centre struggled to reach its potential. Karen and Parm wanted to treat more patients, but didn’t have the resources or an achievable plan to meet future targets.
  • Arduous dental software:The practice team had to navigate tricky dental software. Applications would shut down unexpectedly, and important documents would get lost within a complex system.

Frustrated with their current software and eager to optimise their practice, Karen and Parm reached out to Henry Schein One for help – kick-starting their journey with the Customer Success Program.

Experiencing the Henry Schein One difference

Like many other dentists and practice owners, Karen and Parm faced two crucial barriers to advancing their practice: cost and confidence.

Despite their initial concern, Karen and Parm realised that updating their dental software with Henry Schein One was a cost-effective solution.

Henry Schein One understood that we wanted to be careful with our money. They presented affordable software options that were easy to understand, which helped us step outside our comfort zone.”
Karen Sandhu, The Walk-In Dental Centre

The solution: breaking down the barriers to progress

Karen and Parm worked with their Customer Success Consultant, Sam, hoping to boost their confidence and motivate the team.

Here’s how we helped The Walk-In Dental Centre

  • Coaching the whole team:
    Sam offered dedicated coaching for the whole team, helping front desk and admin staff to navigate the new software confidently.
  • Implementing best-practice:
    Sam helped Karen and Parm to implement best-practice methods throughout their practice – including booking on-departure, ways to tackle patient recalls, and a cancellation fine to reduce fail-to-attends.
  • Offering peace of mind:
    Sam gave Karen and Parm the peace of mind that, whether they’re out of the practice or busy treating patients, their team can always receive assistance.

With Henry Schein One’s services, The Walk-In Dental Centre can simply call our support team for assistance, where one of our experts can takeover the practice’s screen and solve problems swiftly.

“It’s easy to become set in your ways. Henry Schein One have helped us to motivate our team with the new software, and always explain things in a way that everyone can understand.”
Karen Sandu, The Walk-In Dental Centre

The results: a driven dental practice

Thanks to our Customer Success Program, Karen and Parm have seen huge improvements within their practice:

  • Minimised fail-to-attends: By implementing a cancellation fine policy, Karen and Parm communicated the value of their appointment time to patients.
    They saw a dramatic reduction in fail-to-attends, with improved attendance rates and allowed them to focus on providing quality dental care to patients.
  • Chair time utilisation:
    Thanks to the support and advice from their Customer Success Consultant, Karen and Parm established a second chair in their practice.
    This addition to the practice allowed Karen and Parm to attract at least 10 new patients each week.
    Now they can treat patients at the same time, deliver improved health outcomes to more patients, and drive practice revenue.
  • Practice revenue:
    The best-practice methods Karen and Parm have implemented, as well as their second chair, has led to a significant increase in practice revenue.
    Hourly earnings have doubled at The Walk-In Dental Centre, and overall revenue has doubled as well.

We couldn’t be happier with the results from the program, and we’ve recommended Henry Schein One to others. We would have every dental practice take on the Customer Success Programme!”
Karen Sandhu, The Walk-In Dental Centre

With our user-friendly dental software and best-practice guidance, Karen, Parm, and the team at The Walk-In Dental Centre in Mangaroo can provide the very best dental care to their patients.

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