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Success Stories

Parkwood Green Dental

Customer success stories: Parkwood Green Dental


A dental practice with a vision

Using the latest technology, Parkwood Green Dental deliver health-based and cosmetic-based dental care – from root canals to dermal fillers. 

With a welcoming and experienced team, their state-of-the-art surgery provides a friendly atmosphere for patients. 

Their mission: to change people’s perception of dentistry. 

Practice Manager and Director, Felix Cooray, had been using the same software for many years to run his dental practice. While it had served him well enough at the time, what his business lacked was an understanding on how to optimise their practice management. 

That’s when Henry Schein One came in. 


The challenge: to increase the growth of their practice

Felix could see that while his team at Parkwood Green Dental were delivering excellent patient service, the practice needed business tools that aligned with their cutting-edge dental technology. 

The key challenges that they faced were:

  • Fear of facing the facts:
    There was trepidation around the daunting aspect of reporting, and what crunching the numbers about the practice might lead to. 
  • Software automation:
    With a plateau in results, Parkwood Green Dental sought to automate their recalls and appointment reminders with patients – a tool that their previous software hadn’t offered.
    Without an automation tool, the admin team were overwhelmed as they tried to navigate the manual patient recall system. 
  • Incomplete treatment plans:
    Without automation and the right processes, there was an issue following up with incomplete treatment plans leading to loss of revenue for the dental practice.

Felix knew that Henry Schein One could provide the solution to optimising his dental practice. He joined their Customer Success Program to find out how.


The solution: a new foundation built from guidance, education and empowerment

Felix worked with his Support Buddy, Ben, and Customer Success Consultant, Sam, to help optimise the Parkwood Green Dental practice. 

Here’s how we helped Parkwood Green Dental

  • Dedicated guidance:
    After comprehensive training with Felix and his team, Ben continued to support their dental practice by ensuring that he was always available to help.
  • Building a strong recall system:
    Ben introduced an effective recall system and with his support, he helped the team adapt to the new software and automation.
  • A shift into confidence:
    Through Ben’s guidance, the once-daunting prospect of dealing with reporting and numbers transitioned into an easy, far more digestible facet of the business.

Henry Schein One’s Customer Success Program enabled Felix and his team to significantly improve the way their business operated, ultimately reflecting the high-standard of their already advanced dental capabilities.


The results: an optimised dental practice

Since the introduction of Henry Schein One’s business tools to their practice, Parkwood Green Dental has seen significant improvements.

  • Reduction in FTAs:
    Thanks to the support from their Customer Success Consultant, Felix has seen a 7% reduction in fail-to-attends.
  • Improved patient recall:
    Patient recalls have improved by 10%, a feat that has motivated Felix and his team to continue along this trajectory of growth.
  • Increased chair-time utilisation:
    With the increase of patient recalls has come a 10% increase in chair-time utilisation. This has emphasised to the team the importance of maintaining a relationship with their patients, something that Henry Schein One’s automated software has enabled them to do.
  • Practice revenue growth:
    Through implementing Henry Schein One’s expert methodology, Parkwood Green Dental has increased in overall revenue by 20%. This spike in revenue is directly proportionate to the increase of their average hourly earnings to over $250.

Felix’ experience with Henry Schein One

I would absolutely recommend Henry Schein One’s Customer Success Program. Ben was always available and willing to help out. He promised to help improve our practice – and the results show that he delivered.”
Felix Cooray, Parkwood Green Dental Centre

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